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Hello my beautiful fashionistas! Simplystylishki here bringing you some amazing style tips on where to shop and save! So, as fashionistas we absolutely love to shop. But shopping can become very expensive, especially if you are not shopping sales. Okay, so I have compiled a list of places to shop that will keep you looking fabulous and not completely empty your pockets! Lets be begin!

Daisy Exchange- Daisy exchange is a great place to shop and save. This is a used clothing store but the catch is you can take your lightly used name brand clothes and sell them. You can either keep the cash you get back from your clothes or shop and buy more clothes for very affordable prices.I love Daisy Exchange! I recently bought a pair of Tribal Print pants for $9!! You cant beat that. Normally Tribal Pants retail for $50-$70.

TJMaxx- TJMaxx is one of those hidden gems that is very underrated. TJMAxx carries so many name brand named items for extremely low prices. From clothing, shoes and accessories, you will definitely find an amazing outfit under $50, guaranteed! On the hunt for a gorgeous handbag? TJMaxx has so many name brand handbags for very affordableprices!

Marshalls- Marshalls is an awesome place to shop. With affordable prices and fabulous styles you are sure to find some outfits that will not break the bank. Looking for a cute pair of Sperry’s?  Check out your local Marshall’s for great styles!

Goodwill- Lastly,we have the Goodwill. Now I had to throw a good thrift store in there! You can find so many amazing styles at thrift stores. It is a second hand store but it is definitely a great place to find fashionable items for less. In thrift stores they have quarter days and dollar days where you can shop for even less. It takes a little time and patience at thrift stores to go through every thing but it is SO worth it. Thrift stores are amazing for the vintage and eclectic fashionista! Step out of your comfort zone and check it out!
I hope that this list will help you find some great fashion pieces to add to your wardrobe or even create an entire new wardrobe! These stores offer the latest trends for less. So, where will you be shopping next to save?



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