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Hello! I am the creator of Hello Beautiful!™ body care, a line of products created for women of color who want natural, non-toxic beauty products for themselves and their loved ones. I am also the Editor-in-Chief of Love Natural Sunshine, a natural beauty and natural hair blog focused on educating women about toxic ingredients in commercial products and natural alternatives for healthy hair and body care. On Tuesdays, I post special letters of encouragement for women of color on topics like self-esteem in my Pep Talk Tuesdays section. #PepTalkTuesday 

Can you share with us what “Hello Beautiful” and are all about?  
I began Love Natural Sunshine in 2011 in order to write about healthy, natural hair care practices. As I learned about what we put on our hair, I started to research what chemicals were going into our beauty care products. The amount of medical studies and editorials about toxic, unhealthy chemicals in beauty products is crazy! For example, in 2011 the FDA released a study that exposed 400 brands of lipstick as containing lead, a neurotoxin poisonous to our nervous system and a carcinogen (cancerous). (Source)

Other chemicals like titanium dioxide, micas, and lake colorants can cause skin or lung irritations or in the case of titanium dioxide can lead to cancer if inhaled regularly. Some ingredients are just disgusting. Carmine, a colorant used in cosmetics, is made from crushed bug shells. (Really, it is!) It is also important to remember that the skin on our face and scalp absorb 5 to 10 times higher than any other parts of our bodies! (Source) While there are companies who have some natural ingredients, they do not represent women of color and our skin tone needs. As a result, I created Hello Beautiful!™ as a way to provide non-toxic, healthy beauty care products for women of color who are often overlooked in the natural beauty industry. The mission of Hello Beautiful!™ is to affirm women of color of their God-given beauty. 

How did you come up with the names of both brands? 
The name for Love Natural Sunshine was inspired by my parents. Being the youngest of my family, I was prone to being adventurous and rambunctious. My mom always called me “sunshine.” When I created my blog, I wanted to share with others that same exuberance and passion that I have for natural hair and body care. 

When I was in high school one of my good friends would always greet me with the phrase, “Hello Beautiful!” instead of the regular “Hey, girl.” I wanted to share those moments of encouragement with other women. Many times as women of color we need affirmation of our beauty because society does not readily celebrate our skin tones, hair textures, or features. Every time a woman looks at my products I want her to be able to smile at the greeting, “Hello Beautiful!” knowing that her self-worth comes from God for she is His masterpiece (Ephesians 2:10). And she can share that feeling with others close to her when she gives the products away as gifts.

How has your love for God been incorporated in your vision for your business/brand?
I want to use Hello Beautiful!™ to inspire women of color. The way I choose to encourage others is through the word of God. I think that the ultimate source of affirmation for a woman is knowing that God loves her. He sent Jesus Christ to die for her (Romans 5:8). He values her. She is special to Him. This coincides with the mission of Hello Beautiful!™ I believe that beauty products shouldn’t “make you.” You are already beautifully made (Psalm 139:14). Instead, it is my hope that Hello Beautiful!™ products will serve as a reminder to women to let the inner beauty of their character shine through.

What is your overall goal and mission? 
The mission of Hello Beautiful!™ is to encourage women of color to feel affirmed in their all natural beauty because they are “God’s masterpiece.” Ephesians 2:10.

How did you get started in this arena of creating fabulous lipsticks?
My journey began when I wanted to create a non-toxic lipstick for my mom who wears lipstick every day. I also wanted to make products specifically for women of color that were all natural, non-toxic and made for our skin tones. African-American women especially continue to put an overwhelming amount of chemicals on their skin… and when educated about this, there aren’t any natural, non-toxic products made to complement our skin tones. I created the Hello Beautiful!™ Lipsticks to solve this problem for women like my mom, myself, and others. Hello Beautiful!™ Lipsticks are free of toxic chemicals like lead and titanium dioxide and do not contain skin irritating micas or synthetic oils.

So, what are the different kinds of lipsticks you sell? Do you make them by hand yourself?The Hello Beautiful!™ Lipsticks include three shades: Once Upon A Kiss™(a vibrant red-orange), Briar Rose’s Kiss™ (a lush cranberry), and Enchanted Rose™ (a rich burgundy). Hello Beautiful!™ Lipsticks can also be mixed together to create more shades. 

I make all the lipsticks by hand and handle each order personally. In addition, I offer a free consultation in which I help my customers choose the best lipstick shade for their skin tone. Each lipstick is handcrafted with anti-aging, skin nourishing oils high in Omega-3 and vitamins A and E like sunflower oil, avocado, and meadow foam seed oil.

What are your most popular lipsticks? 
Hello Beautiful!™ Once Upon A Kiss Lipstick has proved to be a favorite and has been worn by Chicago Beauty Expert Rachel Odem of Rachel O Beauty and UK natural blogger Natural Belle. Other lipstick shades have been reviewed by natural hair blogger Black Zulu and Blacknaps.

What can we expect in the future? 
This Summer I will be introducing more products to the Hello Beautiful!™ line. I will also sell Hello Beautiful!™ Lipstick and Hello Beautiful!™ Calendula Lip balm specialty sets for Bridal Showers and women ministries. 

Where would you like to see “Hello Beautiful” and in the next 3-5 years? 
I would love to see Hello Beautiful!™ products readily available in boutique shops and natural beauty stores. I would also like to have Love Natural Sunshine become an online magazine.

As a woman of faith, tell us how you Love Embrace Inspire? (Loving God, Embracing Yourself, Inspiring Others)
I am learning to love God more each day. I believe that by loving Him, he has enabled me to embrace myself, flaws and all. It is because of His love and through His power that I am able to serve others and inspire them with Hello Beautiful!™ so that they can always be pointed back to the true source of beauty, which is our identity in Christ Jesus.

As a Lady entrepreneur, what advice would you give new, up and coming entrepreneurs?
Do not be ashamed to ask for help. Everyone needs it and those who tell you that they created and grew a business without help are not revealing the whole story. Always seek out help from trusted advisors!

Where can we find more about your brand and purchase your fabulous lipsticks? 
Twitter: @proverbsforhair


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