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What if your singleness is a blessing? How to use this season to your advantage

Most women dream about their wedding from a very young age. You know what shape and style will make you “say yes” to the dress, if you prefer a destination wedding or a local one, a small chapel or large cathedral, shades of purple or an all white affair, and thee most important question of all, princess, round, or cushion cut diamond? Every last detail is accounted for even before we have met the groom!

There is nothing wrong with dreaming, but have you ever stopped to wonder if God is calling you to be single for an extended season and for a specific reason? This is a crucial step in our growth that is often overlooked in favor of the picture-perfect fairy-tale.

We worry more about the wedding than the actual marriage and just figure it will all work itself out in the end. Sadly this is where disappointment creeps in. After everybody has shed tears of joy at the intimate vows, eaten the delicious cake, and danced the night away, all that is left is two imperfect people who swore to love each other forever. 

Yes Forever. 

All of a sudden it is just you and him for the long haul. What do you do now that the circus of planning a wedding has moved on? Your husband turns into a snoring, ball scratching, eating with his mouth open stranger. Suddenly, everything he does drives you absolutely insane! Who is this man and what did he do with your perfect prince charming? Why doesn't he understand you? This realization often ends up in questioning if marrying him was the right thing to do. 

Marriage is indeed lovely but there is something so special about time spent alone. This is when you have time to cultivate an intimate understanding of yourself in light of the way God made you. The single life is one of the few times you can truly get to know yourself without the noise or distractions. This is the time that you learn to be steadfast about your preferences, boundaries and non-negotiables. Being aware of these things assists in the communication process because you are able to more accurately relay them to your future husband.

This season may seem long and drawn out but God is preparing your heart and your mind for something greater:

An awesome marriage!

Your Savior knows you need to cultivate a spirit of patience so that when that dirty gym sock you asked your husband to pick up is still there 2 days later, you will know to pray first before exploding. God knows you need to cultivate a heart of forgiveness so that when your husband mistakenly says something that hurts your feelings you see his first humanity and forgive him. 

There are so many lessons to learn as a single woman that can only make your marriage stronger. Take this time and allow God to work it out in your behalf. 


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