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We all have a tendency to focus on thing that don't really matter right. Are you feeling quite overwhelmed with your everyday busy life. You can't focus on anything but everybody is monopolizing your time and energy. You know what I'm talking about right. Are you tired of those ridiculous things that take away from our true self. The crazy phone calls from our girlfriends who constantly complains about her man or her grown kids. The Supervisor who constantly badgers us to do more and more work, when we are the most dedicated employee they have. The family member who borrows from you on every holiday and never ever pays you back when they say they will. 

Now how do we deal with this everyday drama. It's not difficult but is challenging. Let me share with you some of the most amazing secrets to assist you in getting out of your own way. First thing, you have to learn how to say NO and stop letting individuals whether family or friends take advantage of you. Secondly, you must learn how to stay grounded and focus on self. Third, develop a new system on how you do things. When your overbearing girlfriend calls about the same ole thing, tell her you are busy. Tell her something came up that needs your immediate attention and you will give her a call later. When she says Girl, you got to hear this, tell her Girl I will get back to you soon. When your Supervisor tells you need to stop working on Project 1 and start Project 2, tell him if you don't get Project 1 out by Wednesday then Corporate is going to have his head. That will stop him from harassing you. When that happens again, focus on the positive and tell your Supervisor that you set yourself up on a schedule and have things prioritized. When that family member who constantly borrows from you every holiday season. Start the conversation first before they do, tell them yeah I'm at my last dime. The kids needed shoes, clothes, you have to pay for karate and ballet lessons. You don't know how you are going to make through to the next week. Then say, hey cousin or whatever family member that keeps asking, flip it and say can I borrow hundred dollars. That will stop them from asking you ever again. 

You see how simple that was, you must learn how to get out of your way if you are feeling overwhelmed or stressed out. The word NO is not a bad word, it is a good word to use if people are taking you for granted. It's time for you to take a STAND and whip yourself back in shape, whether it is mentally, physically or verbally. There is nothing wrong with taking care of yourself first. Do it with pride! Sometimes we are so busy being Givers that we forget how to Take. We tend to lose ourselves always worried about our work, family or friends. It's time for that to change. Don't be afraid to learn "How To Get Out Of Your Own Way!" You see how much happier you have become and how things get easier and less stressful if you work on those little secrets. 


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