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Have you ever had the tendency to do something different, but were afraid too. Does your family and friends tell you that you are great at something like making candles, designing websites, or what it is about you that people just love? Have you ever asked yourself what makes me so good at this and that….have you ever took a step out on faith and went for it. Don’t sell yourself short anymore, it is time to go for the gusto. Are you creative? Are you an awesome public speaker? Are you a great planning events? Do you write well? Then you realized you never took the time to focus on your craft? Now is time to do it. It’s time for you to Unlock Your Hidden Gems, yes you….

When you unlock your passion, you open your world up to your gifts. It’s like opening a present and the way your face lights up when you decorate your place for the holidays. Your family walks in with amazement. You are just overjoyed. I know a lot of times we tend not to focus on our gifts because we are so busy with our regular everyday jobs or careers. We are told that our gifts or something we are passionate about will not make us any financial gain. That is just not true. Sometimes we have to take a stand and go for it. I use to be afraid of lot of things that I am good at like writing. I had a fear of failure. Sometimes we allow fear to block our true blessings.

Here is a few tips to help you unleash your hidden gems. 

1. Find out what you are absolutely good at doing or passionate about and focus on your craft.

2. Research your gems and find out if it is a hot on the market. You never know if the business is booming in your craft.

3. After careful thought and review, start a business in your name or think of something creative.

4. Find out if want this to be a side or full time business. Some of us have great secure jobs that pay all our bills. Starting a business can be a little challenging.

5. Ask yourself those hard questions. Do I really want to make money doing the things I love or is this just a hobby. This question will determine if you will be a success in it. If this is just a hobby there is no need to complain when everyone asked to use your services.

Now that you have unlocked your hidden gems. How do you feel? Doesn’t it feel good to share your passions? I know it feels great.  Let’s get going ladies and gentlemen, show me what you got…I know you got some secret passion or gift. Get out there and show the world what you are made of.



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