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Have you started off strong then veer off course?  Or you try to start a project or business then it becomes harder of what you thought and you just give up?  Or you are a parent, like myself, and try to focus on the task at hand but then the kiddos need your attention and you forget what you were trying to do?   If you are anything like me then I know that it has happen more times than you cared to think.  I have some tips on staying focus on each task that you try to achieve during the day.

1. The night before get organized
Have you always noticed that once everyone is in bed, the dog is sleeping, and the house is quiet, that is when you become more focus?  That is also the perfect time to organize your work space and make a list. I find it more productive to straighten up your work space at the end of the day so when you get up in the morning, everything is already for you to start off your day.  Making a list is a great way of keeping you on task and focus.  Try to make a list at the beginning of the week of everything that you want to accomplish that week.  Then take that weekly list and break it down to a daily list, always making your most difficult task first or at the beginning of the week, so by the end of the week when you are tired and less focus, those task are more manageable to perform and will make you feel more accomplished.

2. Clear all unnecessary distraction
Distractions are only a barrier to keep anyone from accomplishing their dreams or tasks which will results in procrastination.  And we do not want to do that!  Now days, the number one distraction is our phones, along with video games, television, etc. and you need to decide if what you really want to focus on is more important than these.  My biggest focus stealer is social media site; there is a time and place for them but only when you carve out the appropriate time.  So put away your phone because by doing that, you have won half the battle.

3. Schedule breaks
You are probably thinking, taking breaks will keep me focus and I will accomplish my daily goals?  And the answer is Yes.  Our brain is a muscle that needs to rest and recharge.  Try to schedule every hour just a few minutes to do some light stretching, take a seat & close your eyes, or go to the bathroom.  You will be surprise how many ideas that will just appear out of nowhere and you will come back with a more focused mind and new insights.

Getting organized, clearing unnecessary distractions, and scheduling breaks can really help you to stay focus on any aspect of your life and you will start noticing that you are getting a lot done during your day and week.  Then at no time, your dreams are coming

Believe in Your Magic,


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