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Strengths. We all have them. They vary from person to person - some may have many, some may possess a few - but we all have them and more than one of them. When trying to discover your purpose in life, one should consider their strengths because by understanding your strongest attributes, you are one step closer to the understanding of why God made you and what He has sent you here to do.

Our strengths are directly linked to our purpose. They allow us to be at the top of our game, and to do what we are meant to do exceptionally well. Strengths are a major part of what makes us tick, what brings out the best out of us. Unfortunately, most people focus on their weaknesses and why they are not good at what the next person is good at instead of focusing on what they do well. If we focus on a weakness, we should try to develop it not for the mere desire to make it a strength, but to acknowledge that we are not perfect, but ever growing and evolving.

So What Are Strengths?

Strengths are a combination of gifts that we are born with and talents, skills and abilities we possess, that developed over time.

Gifts: Your gifts are God given assets that when combined with passion bring about an authentic uniqueness that cannot be duplicated or imitated to perfection. Gifts derive from the ability to do something especially well with no formal training, education, or practice that can be done well repeatedly. It’s as simple as inhaling and exhaling, they come to us naturally so they repeatedly help us to achieve. Why is that? Because gifts are planted within us by God our Creator. He imparts in us the capability to do particular things that should be impossible to do without formal training.

Talents: Talents are regularly confused with gifts. We are born with both gifts and talents, however the difference with talents are they have to be practiced and mastered. We do these very well too, but to keep doing them well, we must practice and improve on them. Talents take time to mature from one stage to another and when combined with our gifts can help us to achieve in multiple areas.

Skills & Abilities: Just like talents, skills & abilities are acquired over time and developed. Difference is, we were not born with skills and abilities, but after we take interest in something and after much studying and practice, we learned to master them. They are knowledge and expertise in something that we didn’t already know, but once we are dedicated to learn it, we become better at. The learning of skills and abilities mostly derive from textbook learning, training, life experiences, etc.

For all of my visual learners, here is a chart that’ll best explain the differences:

As you develop and mature by building on your greatest gifts, talents, skill and abilities you will begin to also develop passions for them. That’s where purpose comes in. We have not been given these strengths or acquired these strengths to sit on, but each of us have a purpose in which every strength can be utilized. The goal is to understand our strengths, identify what they are and to use them to fulfill our purpose.

I hope this post brings about some clarity of the difference between all of your different strengths.
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Until then my friends, Love & Blessings


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