Passion Vs. Purpose...What's the Difference?


The truth of the matter is, our purpose has been implanted in us before the foundation of the world, before we were conceived and has always been inside of us. We hear a lot that we need not search for our purpose because our purpose is already inside of us. Yes our purpose is already inside of us, but many still wander around clueless as to what their purpose is and how to tap into their inner selves to bring it out. I believe strongly, that there is discovery that must take place, then an unlocking to truly gain knowledge and understanding of what we are purposed to do.

As women ordained by God, collectively, our ultimate purpose for being created is to worship our Creator, to be help mates and to draw others close to God for the uplifting and building of His Kingdom.

However, individually, God has created us each with a unique plan, a unique purpose, a unique calling. And with that calling, He places certain burdens, visions and passions within our spirits to do – many believe those things are compiled together to reveal our purpose, but they are actually tools to help us carry out our purpose. They themselves are not our purpose. 

1. What is Purpose?

·         The definition of purpose is “the reason for which something exists or is done, made, used, etc.  An intended or desired result; end; aim; or goal.

2. What are Passions?

·         Passions are the hobbies, talents and interests that are tools and vehicles to help us carry out our purpose.

For example, my purpose is to motivate, inspire and empower women and girls for the Kingdom of God. I do this by utilizing my passions which are teaching and content creation (such as workbooks, worksheets, blogging, etc.) that aid my teachings. Those are my passions.

My passion for teaching and content creation are now vehicles I use to execute my purpose.

3.    What it to “Discover” your purpose?

First things first what does the word discover mean? 

·         To discover is to see, get knowledge of, learn of, find, or find out;
·         To gain insight or knowledge of
·         To notice or realize

So to discover your purpose is not to negate the fact that it’s already inside of you, it’s to gain insight or knowledge of your purpose and to realize and identify that what you are meant to do, it’s what you are meant to do, because we can very well confuse my gifts and passions for our purpose.

One way to separate your passions from your purpose is to ask yourself these questions:

These questions should help you to identify passions from deep within you. But they will not reveal your purpose. Ultimately, to discover our purpose, we all have to communicate with the One who created us in the first place. It’s not about our dreams and chasing after what we see and want. Its strictly God’s purpose and will for you that matters. If you truly love God, spend time with Him and fashion your life after Him, He will not only REVEAL his purpose for your life, but you will see how all of your gifts and deepest passions fit right in to the ultimate Will of God for your life.


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